loc nguyen
Nice restaurant, gr8 foods, gr8 name meant it, the HOTEST restaurant as of now...
Tom Chau
The best viet party food spot
Phong Atwood Vo
Fast service, good food, attractive servers
Nhathan Nguyen
My whole family & friends loves this place . It’s affordability, price , and vibe kept us coming back . This family owned joint has over 100 tasty items to chose from. During COVID They were barely hanging on and after it , glad to see people are starting to pack up this place again . Seatings are very comfy as well . 2 of the pictures I’ve posted are just one of my favs here . Ca bong Trung chien ( fried Eleotris fusca packed with nutritions )& lau Tom cang ( hot pot crayfish *the grandfather of the crawfish *🦞 heheh )
Choco DeLoco
When I first came here the place forget orders and It took very long and we had to wait 2 hours but now I went here and the food is very tasty. It takes 10-15 minutes to get our food I got the korean hotpot, crispy Noodles, tofu the place has improved
Nam Nguyen
A lot of variety but the menu gives you bare bones description.
Christine Lindsie Pham
Good service, friendly staff and reasonable prices.